Committees of Chester Theatre Club at Chester Little Theatre

Tim Firth

Vice Presidents: 
Ronald Pickup
Kay Whittle
Alex Clifton

Listed below are the names and positions of our Main Committee and Directors’ Committee for 2017/18

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The General Committee


Chairman  Margaret Bennett
Vice-Chairman  Alison Knott
Secretary  Sue Elliott
Treasurer  Marian Lovell
Business Manager  Vacant
House Manager  Malcolm Gledhill
Bar Manager  Ray Bengree
Box Office Manager  Liz Stafford
Publicity Manager  Jane Barth
Membership Secretary  Margaret Bennett
Stage Director  Tony Kemp
Technical Director  Chris Evans
Wardrobe Supervisor  Marjorie Walker
Fund Raiser  David Appleton
Directors’ Committee Representative  Jane Barth

Members’ Representatives:

John McGinn
Ann Massey
Peter Russell
John Turner

Youth Leaders:

Jenny Shryane
Paul Shryane

Directors’ Committee:

Chairman   Jane Barth


Margaret Bennett
Kimberley Finn
Ed Green
Alison Knott
Marian Newman
Mark Newman
Pippa Redmayne
Delyse Rostron
Mark Townend
John Turner