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Habeas Corpus

by Alan Bennett

Directed by Mark Newman


Saturday 4, Monday 6 to Saturday 11 July at 7.30 pm

in the Auditorium

We are in Brighton’s plush, silk-stocking district of Hove.  Here, in a satrical merry-go-round, we meet the Wicksteed family and their friends and acquaintances for whom the determination to put sex and the satisfactions of the body (or corpus) before everything else is the ruling passion of their lives.

First produced in 1973, the permissive society is taken to task in this farcical comedy in which the characters, as stereotyped as their names (e.g. Canon Throbbing, Mrs Swabb) suggest, move – and indeed dance – in and out through a maze of mistaken idenitities and sexual encounters.  As Wicksteed says, “He whose lust lasts, lasts longest.”

Ticket Prices: All tickets are £8.50 with concession price of £7.00 for seniors, students and unemployed on first Saturday, Monday and Tuesday evenings only. Admin charges apply to online and postal bookings.

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