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Breaking the Code

by Hugh Whitemore40265_ChesterTheatreClub_Facebook_BreakingTheCode[5]

Saturday 15 to Saturday 22 November at 7.30 pm

In the Second World War, Alan Turing used his mathematical genius to help break the German’s Enigma code. This breakthrough saved the lives of military personnel and merchant seamen on Atlantic convoys and helped shorten the war by two years. He was awarded the OBE for this vital contribution and elected a member of the Royal Society. In 1952 he was charged with the then illegal act of homosexuality. As secrecy still covered his contribution to winning the war, nothing was made of it at his trial. Whitemore’s honest and compassionate play explores this complex man – his early days at Bletchley Park the difficulties dealing with his sexuality which he saw no reason to hide, his huge enthusiasm for his work which led to the development of the computers we use today. The story of this “unworldy genius” is funny, sad, and richly illuminating. Based on the book “Alan Turing. The Enigma” by Andrew Hodges.

Directed by Jane Barth

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