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ctc_larkThe Lark by Jean Anouilh

Saturday 10, Monday 12 to Saturday 17 May at 7.30 pm

A secular age struggles to comprehend a young, illiterate peasant girl’s choice of death by fire rather than submit to the political and doctrinal pressures of her time. But then The Lark is about more than Joan of Arc’s pitiful story in war-torn fifteenth century France, idolised later in art and literature.

Through Joan’s trial, Anouilh explores the ultimate cost of choosing an individual moral path in a
world of corruption and manipulation. The play is a challenge to get the balance right. It is also
a challenge to the audience faced with Joan’s timeless question: “What is left of Joan when she
is Joan no longer?”

Directed by Hilary Egan

£8.50 (£7.00 Concessions first Saturday, Monday and Tuesday only)

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